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Property Tax Returns services are priced at a fixed fee, ensuring you know what you’re paying right from day one.
We are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue which allows us to offer a streamlined service when completing your rental property tax return.

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Minimum Fee of $415
plus GST applies



Savings are approximate and calculated based on accounting fees paid by our clients prior to joining us.
Please note, our above prices are solely for the tax returns, there may be additional costs to ensure you meet all compliance requirements.

Simple Fixed Fee Property Accounting

We offer a 7 day turn-around guarantee on all return applications. T&C’s Apply.

1 Property, 1 Owner
Held Personally


Returns Required: 1 Individual IR3 Income Tax Return

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1 Property, 2 Owners
Held Personally


Returns Required: 2 Individual IR3 Income Tax Returns

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1 Property, Company
Limited Company


Returns Required: 1 IR4 Company Income Tax Return

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1 Property, Company
Look Through Company (LTC)


Returns Required: 1 IR7 Company Income Tax Return & 1 or more Individual IR3 Income Tax Returns

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1 Property
Owned by a Trust


Returns Required: 1 IR6 Trust Income Tax Return and 1 or more Individual IR3 Income Tax Returns

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Add Additional Properties


Add additional properties to one of our other options

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