Our Property Tax Return Package

  • IR6 Trust Tax return
  • 1 or more individual IR3 Income Tax returns (for beneficiaries)
  • Annual Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Unlimited tax advice in relation to your rental property
  • Complimentary mortgage and structure review
  • Tax reminders and assessments
  • Free phone and email support

More Information

Our property experts will compile your rental property summary making sure that every applicable deduction has been taken advantage of. We will then file an IR6 Trust Income Tax return with Inland Revenue on your behalf.

If you decide you would like to allocate any applicable income to beneficiaries we can prepare and file 1 or more beneficiary returns.

Once we have filed the IR6 and/or 1 or more beneficiary returns we will provide an Income Statement and Tax Summaries to keep for your records. In addition, Inland Revenue will issue assessments which should be retained.

If the assessments result in a refund, any amount due will be transferred to our Trust Account and then refunded to you, less our fee for completing the return. If the assessment results in tax to pay we will issue an invoice for our services which will be payable within 14 days. Inland Revenue’s assessment will show the due date of any tax payable.

We are available throughout the whole process to answer any questions, provide advice via phone or email. In addition, if you remain a client we offer unlimited tax advice and support in relation to your rental property.

Property Tax Returns | One Property - Owned by a Trust

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