Get your rental property accounting sorted. The first step of our streamlined process involves filling out our simple online form.
Once we receive your submission one of our team will contact you to discuss your property accounting requirements.

If you would like to speak to a property tax expert please contact us.

Switching Accountants?

At Property Tax Returns we make it as easy as possible for you to change accountants. Moving on from your old accountant is simple:

1. We will send you our simple online Authority to Act form to fill out. Once completed, we then link you to our tax agency.

2. We write to your old accountant and break the news to them. Don’t worry, we’ll let them down gently.

3. Your old accountant sends your files to us, and we review them to make sure everything is in order.

4. And we’re done. Welcome to Property Tax Returns, where you will benefit from all the perks of our fixed fee, no hidden cost service.

If you have any questions about changing accountants, or would like to speak to someone at Property Tax Returns please contact us directly on 0800 829 7388

Switch Accountants