Investing in NZ Property as an Expat

Property investment is one of the most popular vehicles for generating wealth in New Zealand. This is helped by New Zealand’s very favourable tax laws which include:

No Capital Gains Tax;
No Land Tax, and
No Stamp Duty.

As property specialists we help a wide range of clients find property, fund property and create strategies to create long-term sustainable growth. We have access to:

  • Buyers agents who can source residential property all over New Zealand;
  • Main Bank and Second Tier lenders with in-house Mortgage Brokers who can arrange mortgages for property purchases in New Zealand with preferential rates;
  • A wide range of contacts offering new properties for sale off the plans in the main cities’ of New Zealand;
  • Specialist property solicitors to ensure the transaction goes smoothly, and
  • In-house Accountants and Tax Specialists to ensure you have the perfect structure to minimise taxation and provide asset protection.

We will help you form a strategy and put together a financial analysis to ensure you are making a good investment. We will then work with you to set up a New Zealand structure, obtain lending approval and find a suitable property via our networks, buyers agents and current listings.

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Why invest in New Zealand Property



The main advantage of investing in property is leverage, which is the ability to make returns on someone else’s money (usually the banks). In some cases you may borrow 100% of the purchase price, but also keep 100% of the gains.



Banks in New Zealand have long supported residential property investment. Unlike most other forms of investment, banks are prepared to fund the purchase of property up to 100% of its value depending on the investor and their overall position.

Stable and predictable

Stable and Predictable

As a long-term investment (7 to 10+ years), property has very consistent and predictable returns. Statistics from the Real Estate Institute of NZ show that property has historically returned, on average around 6% capital growth per annum.



Property is a tangible asset and offers direct ownership, meaning the investor is the registered owner of the asset. This gives you a greater level of control and significantly reduces the threat of theft or fraud.

Multiple income steams

Multiple Income Streams

Property provides both cashflow (rental income) and asset appreciation (capital growth). Both of these incomes are typically inflation adjusted, making residential investment property an excellent source of retirement income, since you are not eroding your asset each year with withdrawals.



Want a hands off investment? With a team of experts around you, property can provide an income without you having to be involved. Choose the right team to support you and your property investment will look after you into the future.

Thousands of Kiwis are changing their lives with smart property investment. Are you ready to join them?

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