LVR changes for 2018

Purchasing a property is about to get easier in 2018


The Reserve Bank has announced changes in its restrictions on loan-to-value ratios for 2018. This should make it easier for anyone interested in purchasing a property in the new year.

See below for how these changes might affect you. If you’re thinking about buying a new property, 2018 might be the year to go ahead.

Even though 5% is a seemingly small change, it will make a big difference to some of you. If you’re planning on purchasing a property in 2018, consider the opportunities or the flexibility these changes will create for you.

In some circumstances you can still get loans with deposits less than 15% (for owner occupied properties) and 35% (for investors). If you need a low deposit loan or have a funding requirement outside of these parameters, we may be able to provide alternative solutions. Please get in touch with our mortgage specialists.



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