We make property tax easy for you.

There are all kinds of investment properties out there, from apartments, commercial, retail to residential all the way to industrial. You name it, you can invest in it.

You just upload minimal info, and we do the rest. No chasing paper or filling out pointless forms. And we’re here if you need any help. You’ve got professionals who know their stuff working for you, with experience working at IRD and accounting firms. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by our low cost fixed-fee approach. Chances are it’s a lot less than what you’ve been used to.

Simple Fixed Fees

1 Property, 1 Owner – $750.00
1 Property, 2 Owners – $900.00
1 Property, Limited Company – $1,600.00
1 Property, Look Through Company – $1,600.00
1 Property Owned by a Trust – $1,800.00
Additional properties – $300.00

Whatever kind of property you own or how many, we can take care of it all for you.

Take the next step, it’s easy, phone 0800 829 7388 or get started online.

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